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To help IPDPS attendees take best advantage of this opportunity to travel to India, the Indian company KW Conferences is available to IPDPS attendees to organize tours for groups of 6-8 people. They have designed the five tour location options to be conducted several days either before or after the IPDPS conference dates (Pre-Congress and Post-Congress).

The five locations include Golden Triangle, Wild Life of South India, Southern Splendour, Mumbai & Aurangabad, and Backwaters of Kerala. Note that although the tours are designed and priced to accommodate groups of 6-8, Private Customized Tours can be organized upon request for a minimum of 2 persons travelling together.

The last date for booking these specially designed and priced pre & post congress tours is 1st May 2015. Any booking requests received later may be charged at different rates & terms and will depend on availability. See full details here.


Voted best convention venue in India multiple times, the Hyderabad International Convention Centre will provide all of the amenities IPDPS attendees have come to expect. The top rated Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) has direct flights from all international hubs and direct flights to all major cities in India. Hyderabad is a city that offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from heritage monuments, lakes and parks, and gardens and museums to a richly mixed cultural and historical tradition spanning 2000 years. Modern development has made it the center of new technologies; it is sometimes called Genome Valley and Cyberabad to reflect the biotechnology and information technology investments and industrial parks.

A variety of restaurants are available in the city catering to all types of cuisine preferences. Some of the close to the conference venue are located on this map.


If someone has a specific recommendation or correction to the information posted here that they would like to share with other IPDPS attendees, write to us and we will post here. Also, if any of the local information needs to be corrected, please let us know. Make subject of email IPDPS2015-Traveltip and send to


Below are General Travel Tips that reflect the many travel sites on the Web and also offer advice from our Indian colleagues and others who have traveled in India. The best travel tip we can offer is to confer with friends and colleagues who are from India and plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to travel to India and explore areas beyond Hyderabad, or at least beyond the Novotel convention site.



The supply voltage is 240V/50Hz, and also has a different plug configuration compared to US/Europe. Some hotels may already have a dual purpose plug configuration. To use the supply voltage for your device chargers, check a couple of things. You should get a plug adapter that is suited to the Indian plug model. You should also check if your device charger can work with an input supply of 240 V/50Hz. If not, you should get an adapter that can also transform the input supply voltage. Depending on your hotel, accessories such as travel adapters and hair dryers may be provided. As a last resort, you can buy an adapter from Indian airports, or within the city too. Reliance Electronics is a leading electronics retailers with multiple outlets in Hyderabad. Some small shops that sell electrical/electronic/computer items also carry travel adapters for sale.


The INR (Indian Rupee) is the official currency. Currently, 1 US Dollar is roughly 60 INR. Currency can be changed at airports, or at some specific banks, or at currency exchanges such as Thomas Cook. Typically, currency exchangers may require copies of your passport/ticket, so keep a couple of copies available if you plan to exchange currency in India/Hyderabad. Most restaurants, businesses and hotels accept VISA/Mastercard credit cards.  There may be a small convenience charge when you use cards issued outside of India.


Bottled water is available for sale at all hotels/restaurants, and even small local shops. When purchasing outside hotel, make sure it is not refilled bottle; buy carbonated if you are not sure.


End of May in Hyderabad is typically the start of summer months with day temperatures in the range of 38 Celsius to 41 Celsius (over 100 Farenheit). Night temperatures are in low to mid 20 Celsius (mid 60’s). Occasional rains are expected. Check local weather in Hyderabad closer to your departure. Most hotels, restaurants, and big retailers keep air conditioning switched on during the summer months.


Be aware that India has a relatively modest culture. Covering arms and legs (no shorts or mini dresses) is a simple step toward respecting this. Indians are forgiving of those who aren’t familiar with their culture, but you can quickly make a good impression by, for instance, removing your shoes before entering someone’s home. This is particularly important when entering a sacred space, like a temple. Also, if you see shoes outside a shop, it’s a sign to remove your own.


Avoid tap water, and any food that may have been washed in it, at all times. No ice, no salads and no fruit you haven't just peeled yourself.

Many travelers go veggie while in India. It's not a bad idea. A bad bit of meat will do you a lot more harm than slightly undercooked vegetables. Plus, many Indians are vegetarian, so there's a terrific choice of vegetarian food. If you do eat meat, make sure it's well cooked. If in doubt, eat at a place that's packed with locals.

Toilets outside of hotels are notoriously bad in India, but they don't have to be health hazards. Consider using the left-hand-and-water-jug method preferred by many locals (it is, after all, so much more hygienic than using dry paper), but don't forget to carry hand cleaner with you so you can wash your hands properly afterwards.




The Novotel hotel reservations specify airport transport to be provided as part of your room charges. Closer to the conference time, see the IPDPS hotel page for more specific information regarding Novotel pick-up upon your arrival. For others, see the following:

  • Depending on your hotel booking, the hotel may arrange for an airport pickup, at times with an additional cost. You should check with the hotel prior to your departure. The charges will vary depending on the hotel.
  • Taxis are available at the airport departure. Follow the signs to Local Transportation which is a level below the arrival level. Keep a printed copy of your hotel address available to show to the driver. Most drivers can read and speak (a little) English. On the printed copy, be sure to include the phone number of the hotel. Drivers can then talk to the hotel staff on mobile phone if directions are needed.
  • From the Hyderabad airport to the conference hotel, the taxi fare would typically be under 1000 INR (< 20 USD). There is no public point-to-point transportation from/to the airport, so it is advisable to pick the taxi. The standard taxi from the airport can take 2 large bags of luggage in the boot (trunk) plus one or two pieces of small bags. It can seat 3 passengers comfortably beyond the driver.
  • Depending on your hotel booking, the hotel may arrange for an airport pickup, at times with an additional cost. You should check with the hotel prior to your departure. The charges will vary depending on the hotel.


Most hotels have travel desks that can arrange for a city tour in a cab. Hotels can also help you with local transportation. Charges will vary based on distance and the time. Taxis for call are also available based on prior booking.  Some websites that can help you are:


Going on foot is not recommended unless you are in places where you are accompanied by locals or in areas that are relatively traffic free. Between the congested driving conditions and the fact that cars drive on the left, walking on your own can be risky.


WEBSITES FOR TRAVEL IN INDIA – In no specific order

(Send email to with additional links or to comment on these.)

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